About me

My abstract phone cases are inspired by the old middle eastern tradition of decorating furniture with mother of pearl inlay. This technique renders intricate mosaics that catch the eye with their ornate patterns and fully showcase the magical iridescence of natural mother of pearl.

Though beautiful and luxurious, this art form is not the most practical, especially when we’re not home often enough to fully enjoy it, but instead of letting it slowly slip away, I want to modernize it and bring it into the everyday.

I love combining beauty and utility. Art makes common objects feel special and ordinary tasks more enjoyable. And that’s what I strive to do - to fill the day to day with the magic of art. These days, there’s nothing more everyday than a smartphone. Forget jewelry, trophies, and diplomas - the smartphone is the most prized possession of our decade! It’s there morning and night, always within reach, ready to connect us with friends and tell us about the world. We look at it all the time and never leave home without it, so why not make it a beautiful pocket-sized piece of art we can enjoy every day?

Let your everyday items be special!

Our store

Silver Dunes Boutique

Mercato Mall, 1st floor

Kiosk 11.

Jumeirah Beach Rd, Dubai. U.A.E

Everyday 10am - 10pm